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Hello Listeners,

I want to thank you for your prayers concerning the adult commercial that was recently taken off. Praise God He answered our prayers and influenced Radionomy to take that ad off.

I received some very bad news on May 12 at 9:00pm Eastern Time United States, New York Time.

Radionomy will be stopping all United States activity on May 31, 2019.

What that means is, all the USA based radio stations that use Radionomy as their hosting service, will be shutdown. No one will be able to listen to Radionomy in the United States. Will not even be possible to listen to radio stations that are outside the USA, based in foreign countries. When it says stopping all, with no activity, it means the whole works.

I am not aware of any other hosting service that is free for the broadcaster.

As far as I am aware of, any other hosting service will cost me money.

Still free for you the listener, but costly for me.

For you as the listener, what do I do now?

Do you have any suggestions on what I am supposed to do?

I need your input for advice on how to proceed from here.

You have permission to ask others for their advice.

Also, I need your prayers for wisdom on what to do next.

I will keep this radio station running to the end of Radionomy's activity with the United States.

I would like to keep this radio station running and operational, but it won't be on Radionomy as the hosting service.

I need a hosting service before June 1 so I can upload the songs before Radionomy shuts me down.

I found LIVE365 for $50.15 a month. Family-oriented commercials, prohibiting adult and alcohol commercials.

2 gentlemen have already offered 10 dollars each per month. I will not put their names here because of privacy.

All that's needed yet is 3 more for 10 each or 6 more for 5 dollars each. If those other 3 or 6 can volunteer funds, I'll spring for the 15 cents.

Note: I will not give out your name and will not give out your email.

Would there be others that will offer 10 dollars a month? Or 5 dollars each per month.

As far as I know I have done all I know to do, this is out of my control about Radionomy shutting down, and I can't change this situation. With going to a paid hosting service I need help financially if this radio station is to survive.

Please note: These funds are not income tax deductible. Even though I am not receiving any funds from the hosting service, none from advertising and not a charitable organization. This ministry is spiritual, entertainment and a blessing to you.

If this is a go, I will offer to buy new music for the radio station. Several part time quartets, I do not yet have. For example Commond Bond Quartet, Fellowship Quartet, and Keepers Of The Faith Quartet. Keepers Of The Faith Quartet did have a bass singer that sounds a lot like George Younce of the Cathedral Quartet. The Oak Ridge Boys have a new Gospel CD out. Perfect Heart Quartet will have a reunion at the Quartet Show in Memphis, Tennessee in June, 2019. I am hoping they have CD's available. Another reunion is the original Dove Brothers Quartet. I am looking forward to the Quartet Show in June 2019. There are several other quartets I do not yet have and would like to put their music on the radio.

Please note about me ordering and buying CD's. They are about 15 to 20 dollars per CD. Most CD's have about 10 songs on them. Multply that by 'X' amount of CD's and it comes up to a large amount. So you can see that financially speaking I have a large amount of money invested into this radio station. So now you can see why I need help financially with the hosting service.

If you do offer financial assistance, I thank you now in advance for doing so to help keep this radio station operational. May God Bless you for it. As God is using me to run this music for you so you can be blessed.

As your volunteering funds are made known to me, I will annouce the number of volunteers here and the total dollar amount.

Number of volunteers are now 2. Total dollar amount is $20.00 per month of the $50.15 needed.

Radio station page.

Signature Song of this radio station.

You may be listening by various players. I listen via WinAmp because I like the equalizer. WinAmp is now owned by Radionomy.

If you want to give it a try, here are the instructions.

Here is the WinAmp website.

WinAmp Website

After you have the WinAmp window, Click on top left at File.

Click on View file info...

Copy/Paste the following URL in the box and save if needed:

Either of the following should work.




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Again please note: Names and emails will remain in privacy.

You may contact me by my email that's listed at the bottom of this page.





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