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New Development, Updated on May 17, 2019.

Hello fellow believers, ……….......................…………On the right hand column, To donate to Men's Quartets Online Radio.

Since we now need to leave Radionomy and will be going to LIVE365, this new service is no longer a free one for us, we have a few people that will contribute to making this station a reality.

There is a regulation limitation that LIVE365 has, and that is a maximum of 1500 listening hours per month. The broadcaster has the option to allow the financial contributor unlimited hours and limit the number of hours a non-contributor listens.

I can tailor the tunes to the groups that an individual enjoys the most. For an example, one of the contributors likes the Florida Boys and the former Blue Ridge Quartet. So yes, I will tailor to his liking.

Please keep tabs here on the website as to the whereabouts what is happening.

I want to recognize and compliment the financial contributors. Thank you so kindly for helping to get this off the ground. My God Bless you richly. I will keep this radio station running to the end of Radionomy's activity with the United States. A PayPal account has been set up, see side column.

Radio station page.

Again please note: Names and emails will remain in privacy.

You may contact me by my e-mail address below.



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