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130 Hours Ruling

Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork, has brought this out of the hole. Congratuations to you all, THANK YOU. Please keep listening for awhile, at least until the day after August 26, as the 30 days ago, 29, 28, 27, 26, etc, days were 147, 125, 131, 121, 158, 154, 158, etc. When those days roll off the average can still dip below 130 before August 26. Please remember, this is a 30 day rolling.

The evenings are the lowest hours. I will now start adding in the morning hours again. And I have put back all the other things on the website.

If the 130 hours are not met on August 26, Radionomy will delete it. After it is deleted, I have no plans to restart. This website will be for sale. Thanks to all those who have put forth the effort to raise the average listening hours.

In am now studying about the Rapture/Antichrist, after I complete it, I want to add that on here.

Added new music, from many years ago, but new to this radio station. Former Havesters of Charlotte, North Carolina, Harmony Boys, Hopper Brothers And Connie, Jacobs Brothers, King's Heralds, Landmark Quartet, Statesmen Quartet. Latest CD from PromisedLand Quartet. Scheduled for August 19, August 25. Start of new day playlist is 5:00am New York Time.

Yesterday's Total Listening Hours. 141

Average listening hours on August 14, evening, 126.

Average listening hours on August 15, evening, 127.

Average listening hours on August 16, evening, 126.

Average listening hours on August 17, evening, 134.

Average listening hours on August 18, morning, 141.

Average listening hours on August 18, evening, 136.

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