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The commercial ads that Radionomy runs, are not always in agreement with what this radio station stands for. In particular about the adult content that is currently on. I ask for your prayers for God to influence Radionomy to take that ad off. I am very concerned about children hearing that commercial. Let us all band together in prayer and faith that the adult content be removed from advertising. Thank you for your prayers.

During that commercial just click the mute button. Wait about 30 seconds and the ad will have finished.

Radio station page.

Signature Song of this radio station.


You may be listening by various players. I listen via WinAmp because I like the equalizer. Turn up a little more bass that way. Turn down the treble a little. Slightly hear the bass singer better. WinAmp is now owned by Radionomy.

If you want to give it a try, here are the instructions.

Here is the WinAmp website.

WinAmp Website

After you have the WinAmp window, Click on top left at File.

Click on View file info...

Copy/Paste the following URL in the box and save if needed:

Either of the following should work.




130 Hours Ruling

Average listening hours on February 26, morning 166.

February 26 was the 3 month interval anniversary for the 130 hours ruling. Won't have to worry about it until May 26.

Average listening hours on March 25, evening 158.

Average listening hours on March 26, morning 164.

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