I recently found out more about the 130 hours ruling.

With the hours below 130, the reason we have not seen a deletion of the radio station is this following letter, it is still effect, but in a different way.

Radionomy has a ruling that the broadcaster must have an average of 130 listening hours in the past rolling 30 days. However, this is from a different advantage point or different circumstance then what I had understood earlier.

I know of a broadcaster this happened to. His radio station was deleted. He did not restart it again.

Please Note: I did not make this ruling.

For me to restart it all over again is VERY inconvenient.

When a broadcaster first starts out, they are limited to a maximum of 1,000 songs. One day's worth of songs is somewhere around 410 to 425 songs. That's a little over 2 days worth. It is very inconvenient to work with this, as the broadcaster has to keep deleting songs and adding additional songs to keep the listeners happy with changing the play list.

By the 3 month anniversary date from the launch date, the broadcaster must have an average of 12 listening hours per day. But that is on the exact day of the 3 month anniversary. The day after it can drop to delow 12.

By the 6 month anniversary date it must again be at 12 hours. At this time the broadcaster is given a maximum of 3,000 songs.

At the 9 month anniversary date it must be at 130 hours.

At the 1 year anniversary date it still must be at 130 hours.

And at every 3 month intervals the average must be 130 or more going out from the 9th month.

So the day before and the day after it can be less then 130, but not on the day of those 3 month inertvals.

Mensquartets was launched on August 26, 2017.

November 26 was the 3 month anniversary date, the hours met the minimum of 12.

February 26 was the 6 month anniversary date, the hours met the minimum of 12.

May 26 was the 9 month anniversary date, the hours met the minimum of 130.

August 26 will be the 12 month anniversary date, the hours must meet the minimum of 130.

As I write this on August 15 the hours are at 126.

Yes, this will survive up to August 25, but if August 26 does not have 130 hours or more, Radionomy will delete it.

So this is what I recently found out. The 130 hours is not everyday. It is every 3 months anniversary from the 9th month onward.

So on these dates the hours must be at 130 or more.

August 26, November 26, February 26, May 26.

A listener emailed asking me to not give up. I will not give up as long as we band together for teamwork and have the hours at 130 or more on August 26. But if the hours are not up to the 130 hours, and after Radiomomy deletes it, I am finished. Why do I say that? Because it is a nightmare working with only 1,000 songs for 6 months. It is a real pain to work with. When all we have to do is keep the listening hours up, I have 3,000 songs to work with and can plan out 7 days worth of songs. Actually I have way more then 3,000 songs on my computer. I delete and upload songs every week to keep changing the playlists. To get more vareity.

If the radio station is deleted, why should I have to go back to square one and start all over again? If I would, 9 to 12 months down the road, it would be in the same scenerio as it is now. So no, I will not restart it if Radionomy deletes it. And no, I will not give up, I'll keep going, changing the playlists every week when I can. Adding new music, etc.

So I am politetly asking you to boost the listening hours to get it up to or higher then 130 by August 26. As of August 15, 5:30am, we only have 11 days to boost the hours. Please remember, this is the last 30 rolling days. With a deficit of 4 hours per day, that has to be made up quickly. When you do the math, 4 times 30 days is 120 hours that must be boosted up.

Please understand, I am trying to be polite, peaceful, and patient about this. I am trying to make you aware of the circumstances at hand. But yes, I will keep this radio station going, as long as Radionomy allows me to do so. I am facing open heart surgery on August 31.

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