I had thought that adult commercial was off the commercial list. It is now on again as of March 14 at 12:20pm. Looks like I will have to shutdown the radio station on Sunday March 17. Unless you have a better advice?

The first section below is what was on the audible on the radio. The second part is the additional.

Hello Listeners,

You are listening to Men's Quartets Online Radio. This radio station had been started in April 2005. It has changed the hosting service from LIVE365 to Radionomy in January 2016. At that time LIVE365 went out of business. It has since come back, but much more expensive then previous to it's demise. Radionomy is free for me, but Radionomy has a quirk. LIVE365 allowed the broadcaster to opt out from adult, alochol, and tobacco commericials. Radionomy has no such opt out. There had been several unintentional outages on Radinomy's part, and some intentional outages on my part as you will find out later. All of the intentional outages on my part was of the concern about what this subject is about. I am hoping children do not hear this commercial, but I had to have some way in order for you to become aware of what is at stake here. It is very important for you as listeners to hear what I have to say here.

I'm sure by now you have heard the commercial that has an origin of adult content. I have posted on my website of concern about this content being heard by you and your children. I am asking for your prayers that this commercial would be taken off, as it has no place in this setting of family, inspiration, spiritually, and moral conduct.

Yes, I could shutdown this radio station to stop this being heard, but then that includes everything from this radio station would be shutdown.

Several years ago I did this very thing several times. There was adult commercial content and I shutdown several times and the last time was for several months. Several months later I started it up again, and from that point on until now, it was adult content free.

We must pray about this. If this commercial is not taken off, I will have to shutdown. Because I have concern about what this station stands for and I cannot allow this adult content to continue.

If I would allow this to continue, when it comes time to face my Heavenly Father and He asks the question, why did I allow the radio station to stay up and running, knowing that your children are listening, what kind of answer could I give Him? It would be a pansy, softy, whimpy, type of answer. To allow you and children to hear this commercial, later in their life they would get into all kinds of sinful activity, heartache and hurting emotionally, would be a grave irresponsibility on my part. So I ask you kindly to go to my website and read the content, and asking for your prayer.

Even as I am typing out this letter to later read and audibly put this commercial on the radio, that commercial comes on. It is disgusting to know you and your children are also hearing that commercial.

This audible commercial is also on the website to read.

My website address is www.mensquartets.com There is no hyphen, no apostrophe, no space, and no underline. Mens and quartets are both plural, meaning they have a letter, 's' at their respective ends.

Again it is www.mensquartets.com

The above is what was audible on the radio station. Below is the additional to read and pray about.


I do not want to hear, you don't want to hear, and I'm sure you don't want your children to hear adult content commercials. At some point those children will be asking questions. Those commercials have no place in a setting of family oreinted, spiritually, uplifting and entertainment music station.

In the past when I contacted Radionomy about adult content in their advertising they shrugged me off and said, I signed a contract and that they can put any kind of content on that they wish. Well who reads all the fine print of pages and pages of that contract? They said if I don't want adult content on my radio station, I am welcome to shutdown.

I have special concern for children that they should not hear adult content commericials. As in normal celestrial radio, that being AM and FM, adult commercials are prohibited. Why can't online radio be of prohibiting adult commercials?

I know you do not want me to shutdown the radio station. I think if you were to contact Radionomy, they would give a similar anwser. Prayer has proven to work. God is greater then our common enemy. Please, please pray. Our combined prayer will have power against the enemy. Pray everyday until this commercial is taken off, or when I shutdown. What kind of time frame shall I give this for our prayers to take effect? If this adult commercial is still on through Sunday March 17, I will have to shutdown this radio station. When shutdown does take place you will at that time know why it was shutdown.

Also while you are in prayer, show appreciation and give a thank you to God that it has been several years being adult content free. He likes to hear our gratitude, and by showing appreciation He will be more honored to answer our prayer sooner rather then later.

I would think God has Blessed this radio station increasing listening hours because of my respect for my listeners by shutting down several years ago, because of this very subject. I hope it does not come to this shutting down just to prove a point. I know God does not want adult content commercials to be run on this radio station. We cannot let the enemy win no matter what. I absolutely want this commercial taken off. But, as this goes out from here and there is no change, I will be forced to shutdown, as my moral conviction precides over and above keeping this radio station going. God comes first in my life, and this radio station is secondary.

Here is another thought. Is God testing me to see if I would shutdown if the commercial continues? The answer is, yes, I would. Hopefully your prayers will change this potential disatrous outcome. So as you can see, much is at stake here.

Prayers are needed for this to be reversed.

This adult commercial started this past week. I can already see a drop in listening hours. So here is proof about the negative effect this adult commercial has had in only a few days.

So in advance, I thank you for your prayers. Ken

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