In March/April 1976 Jesus took Mary Baxter to Hell 30 nights in a row and to Heaven 10 nights in a row, for 3 hours each night. Going forward, Mary has been to many countries sharing the gospel, hell, Heaven, and many are coming to salvation.

In a letter to read with chapters and a video. I will add more videos as I watch them.

The letter has more detail and also mentions that Jesus told Mary, about the Rapture event happens before the 7 year tribulation.

Hell is a very terrible place. Hell is in the center of the earth.

In the video there is mentioned about the once saved always saved is an abomination of false teaching and is 1 of the 7 false doctrines against the Lord Jesus Christ that come out of Hell, at around the 40:40 - 42:24 minutes area.

Letter to read.

Letter reading version.

Video to watch about Hell.

Video about Hell.